Persona 4 Chie cosplay

Persona 4 Chie cosplay
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Chie Satonaka is a player character from Persona 4. An energetic girl with a love of kung-fu movies, she’s one of the protagonist’s classmates at Yasogami High School.

Chie Satonaka is an upbeat girl with an obsession with kung fu, even using those techniques in battle. Chie serves as the player’s Social Link to The Chariot; this is symbolized in the animated series by Yu’s usage of the Persona Ara Mitama. Writer Patrick Hayes stated that her Shadow “represents her desire to maintain dominance over Yukiko in their relationship as well as her jealousy of Yukiko’s feminine qualities and skills.”  In the designing of the character, various sketches were made with some of them being reminiscent to previous Persona characters.