How To Make Money With Cosplay?

Cosplay Erotica Webmaster FAQ

How can I make money with you guys?

All you need is an affiliate ID number – a six digit number, which can track your sales, identify your galleries, sign-ups and so on. This is called a CCBILL Affiliate ID and it’s very easy to get one. (Free of course).


I dont have a CCBILL affiliate ID – how and where can I make one?

It’s very easy and quick – you can sign-up via this link. After signing up, you will have your aff code (6 digit number) – you can use it to generate and use FHGs, banners, put links to your site and so on. Write down this six digit number, you will need it!:)


What type of content do you provide?

We are providing galleries (10-15 high rez images/gallery, TGP2-style) and video clips (1.50/2.50 lenght, 720px, mp4/FLV).
Content is provided in two ways free hosted and zipped. START HERE!

Free hosted means: prepared for You by us and hosted on our servers at
All you need to do is contact us with Your CCBILL affiliate ID number, site URL, and apply for webmaster access. After You and Your site approved, You can access to our promo content – just choose a gallery/video, and follow the instructions there. Any sign-up to our members area through a gallery will be assigned to Your ID. You don’t need to worry about design or bandwidth constraints – just put 1-2 images or a banner to Your site with a link to one of our galleries, and we’ll do the rest!

Zipped. However, some types of sites (especially blogs) prefer to make their own pages so that the content layout is consistent. For these types of site, the zipped content means you simply take the gallery images/videos and add them into your own designed page. Just apply for a webmaster account (with Your ID and the URL of Your site), and You’ll find plenty of zipped content in the webmaster area.

I dont want promotional content and stuff – I just want to put a banner and make money!

Sure! Go to the overview section, follow the instructions and You are ready to make some money!

Do You provide HD/4K videos as well?

No, HD and 4K videos are reserved for our members. However we can proivide you with countless SD videos.

Do You provide extra high (+1500px) resolution images as well?

Yes, there are a lot of pre-baked content in the webmaster section.

How often do you update?

New webmester content is provided frequently, in both free hosted and zipped format. We also notify You (if you wish) via email when new webmaster materials available. The member’s section of updates twice a week.

Does my site qualify?

That really does depend on the type of site you have. We are open to all site owners signing up to CosplayErotica affiliate program, but there are some exceptions. Sites based on or including the following are not allowed:

– password trading/hacking/warez/torrent sites and forums
– promotion or depiction of bestiality, rape, torture, underage models or any other illegal content
– tube (video sharing) sites
– sites with links to file sharing sites, torrent sites and image sharing sites
– sites and image sharing services with stolen material (site rips, etc.)

Do I need to send a minimum amount of traffic?

There are no minimum amounts of traffic to qualify. Affiliates of all sizes are welcome.

I don’t have a site yet, but can I still promote you?

Up to You – but it’s not recommended.

What promotional methods do you allow?

Almost anything is acceptable. Thumbnail Gallery Post sites, Picpost sites, search engines, free sites, AVS sites are just some ideas. You may even use entry and exit consoles from your own site if you wish.
Also, link lists, and text/banner ads on other paysites are all acceptable ways to generate traffic.

I own or manage a pay site – can I use your promo content inside my members area?


I dont like Your banners – can I ask for something special?

Yes, just contact us via our Twitter, and our team will make You a banner/AD/pagepeel/flash overlay/whatever You like, in any sizes, and formats!

My traffic not converting / Any way to increase my sales?

There are so many things you can do to generate potential sales from leads that it would be impossible for us to list them all here. However, here are some pointers:

Niche: Adult Cosplay (“costume play” see description here) is a very special, so called “narrow-niche” in the adult business. It means: if You have a site/blog/tgp in this niche (or close to this niche), the conversion ratio can be good – but…! Advertising this kind of fetish on a wrong place, can lead You to very few or zero signups.

Niches we recommend: cosplay (of course:), uniform fetish, hentai, cartoon, adult-games, nylon, pantyhose, glamour, babe (solo girl), girl-girl, latex, lycra or rubber, cfnm.

Niches we do NOT recommend: mainstream hardcore, tube sites, weird, bizarre, interracial, asian soft- or hardcore, groupsex, public sex, cam sites. Please be aware: if You choose to affiliate with us and You have a site in the above mainstream niches, there is a big chance that Your income will be low.

Content: Similarly, simply placing a gallery of our pics/videos in at Your site and then leaving it there will soon lead to virtually no sales at all. Use the content we provide wisely by freshening up our material with new content on a regular basis.

TGP sites are hugely popular and regularly attract thousands of visitors every day. They target their audiences to specific niches and as a result are fantastic places for submitting galleries… which can only be a good thing when it comes to potential sign-ups and earning valuable revenue! For these sites, you simply submit galleries often with a sample thumbnail image which you can simply make from the ones available in the gallery or they will provide a facility for you to select an image to use as a sample. you dont need to do it manually, we recommend Chameleon Submitter for this.

Blogs and Community Sites, Twitters and forums are very popular for like-minded people to gather to share their interests.However, please do be careful as spamming is extremely annoying and is something we do not condone. Please bear in mind the types of sites we do not allow our content to be promoted on.

Can You recommend some more tools to increase my sales/traffic?

Use BookmarkingDemon if You have a blog. Use Chameleon if You are planning to submit on TGPs (but keep the special niche in mind!) Use JuicyAds if You need traffic. And the most important thing: check out our webmaster content frequently, and keep Your galleries fresh and interesting!

Anything else I should know?

Nothing! Just sign up for a CCBILL affiliate ID, or use Your existing one, then CLICK HERE to access to the promotional content. That’s all – You are ready to make money!